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Should have a Theme

Having a specific theme is important to any Man Cave. I would not want to offend any team, on the other hand am going to use the Boston Red Sox because theme for this Man Cave. Initially you need to add some Boston Red Sox sports memorabilia. This should be quite easy because they have won three World Series titles within the last decade.
man cave

For a dramatic statement I would start with a nice large banner in the middle of the wall. This can be the focal point of the remaining Boston Red Sox sports merchandise. A banner helps build the rest of the Man Cave decor since you can build from that point.

Another items to add should be to have items coming from all the World Series victories. The Boston Red Sox won the 2013 World Series this type of sports memorabilia must be easy to purchase. You can add pictures of your favorite players or team photos. Do you like Big Papi David Ortiz? Photos of Big Papi would look fantastic on your wall.

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Will need to have a Large Flat Screen TV and Chairs

The subsequent must have item needs to be the large flat screen TV. It is the next focal point of the room. I'd put this privately wall next to the banner to help fill up the room. This is actually the area to add your couch and chairs to view all the Red Sox games.

Comfortable chairs is important because you are going to spend hours watching sports entertainment. Do you want to hear your friend complain about bad chairs? It becomes an expense you do not want to look the cheap route. Pay a little more for leather chairs and a couch. I personally like "movie style" chairs because of this option.
man cave
Must Have a property Bar

The home bar will be the final element of the Man Cave. Sticking to the Boston Red Sox theme, I'd have Red Sox beer mugs and glasses. The number of glasses is very important. You should have different sizes of glasses. Some of your friends may like the beer mug or perhaps a rock glass. I am a fan of the 16 ounce Pilsner glasses you receive at local sports bars. The kind of glasses can give your home bar that sports bar vibe without the crowd.

The next area of the home bar is usually to have a Boston Red Sox team mirror. The mirror would go associated with the home bar to create another focal point. The sports memorabilia mirror is the final element of the Man Cave decor.

Take a look at Your Man Cave

He Cave is now complete. Consider a quick tour of one's room. First of all, you're sitting at your home bar drinking your favorite adult beverage from your Boston Red Sox glass. Right in front of you is your team mirror. Have a look to the right and you can call at your favorite team playing on the large flat screen TV.

On each of the walls you see autographs of your favorite team and players. You've your team banner together with all the pictures plus you've got created a magnificent Man Cave. Now all your family and friends can enjoy their time in your special room. Shop at the sports fan man cave store sportsfangalaxy.com. Now benefit from the game!

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